Conclusion (Translated. Original: Russian)

The motherboard ASRock Fatal1ty Z97 Killer – perfectly crafted product based on Intel Z97 chipset flagship platform LGA 1150. ASRock most developers have implemented a rich feature set of chips on the PCB, carefully complemented its proprietary hardware implementations of sound ASRock Purity Sound 2 and network Killer E2200, as well as We equipped it with a number of proprietary software technology. The motherboard is equipped with an excellent set of proprietary software, working in tandem with well developed ASRock UEFI, enabling the most convenient and fully utilize all the functionality implemented.

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Conclusion: (Translated. Original: Portuguese)

After several tests with the ASRock Fatal1ty Z97 Killer came to the conclusion that ASRock is different. The new products are launched on the market not only fail to please as many consumers can be extramamente competitive with the most reputable brands and we already have a large market share. And this is great news for users for several reasons: causes prices to change, makes brands not move and means that there is more choice in the market.

In relation to this motherboard in particular, I was quite impressed. Let’s do it by steps. ASRock does not include many extra physical with the motherboard, but is accompanied by a gift certificate for Xsplit software that has a value of about € 25 and a subscription to one year in Orbweb.ME (about $ 50) which makes the total amount of the very appealing motherboard. Already the motherboard includes many interesting features hows solid capacitors, high-quality gold connectors on the RAM and PCIe slots, the network chip Killer 2200 and the excellent audio system.

The software is very good. Simple, all in one place, Intuitive, easy to use, proof of inexperienced people. And there’s so much information! This is undoubtedly one of the differentiating factors for competition.

Added to this we have all the performance is pretty good, considering that this is a low-end motherboard. It is not at all a packed motherboard elements that make it an indispensable piece for all users, but it is certainly one of the best options for those on a budget. And yet it is facing the motherboard higher range.

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approved orCONCLUSION

Here we are at the end of this test and here are our first impressions. We’ll start with the aesthetic side where there’s really not much to complain about, Asrock adopts the classic black / red gamer who, it must be admitted, a hit every time. The two bright red aluminum radiators marry very well with 2 PCI slots and red RAM slots, the whole is very harmonious. Let’s hope that, like competition, Asrock somewhat limits the logos on the PCB, the big white logo “Killer E2200” just spoils …

Level functionality that is fully equipped Z97 killer, the “super alloy” guarantees an operating life thanks to the use Nichicon capacitors 12k, or XXL aluminum radiator covering the mosfets. The famous Killer E2200 to prioritize the applications according speed internet is also present. Asrock certifies excellent sound reproduction through codec Realtek ALC1150 providing an output of 115dB SNR and very good bass response.

The software offering is rich and full, the F-Stream allows all possible settings with very good usability, neophytes can boost their overclocking machine 4.4 or 4.6GHz with a single click.

Among the criticisms, since you still have to do, we would have preferred USB connectors horizontally, rather than perpendicular to the card, ditto for the USB3.0 connector, and note that this Killer Z97 enables Crossfire but n is not SLI.

For the price, it is around € 135 which for a mid-range card and very well equipped as it is, is in the good average.


  • Equipment
  • Design
  • Stability
  • software offer


  • Available USB connectors
  • No SLI

With my very good benefits, the Asrock Fatal1ty Z97 Killer gets a deserved MFR gold!

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The Bottom Line

The ASRock Fatal1ty Z97 Killer motherboard is cheap. It has a cheap build quality, it has a cheap look, and just all around feels cheap. “Cheap” is a word we use hardly ever in our reviews, because “inexpensive” or “economical” is usually a true better fit. That is not the case today. This motherboard is cheap. Actually it is $125 cheap today. Once you get past the cheap, things change.

The ASRock Fatal1ty Z97 Killer motherboard was an excellent performer overall. In terms of overclocking it simply kicked ass for a budget motherboard solution. Its no-frills approach is something that is refreshing in this day and age. Ignore the glut of marketing on its spec page and look the other way at the inclusion of the Killer NIC, and the Fatal1ty Z97 Killer is near perfect for what it is. We wanted to hate it and ended up loving it. I am however not convinced that over the long term it is not going to self-ignite and burn the house down.

We did not want to give it a Gold [H], but we felt that it had earned it. Did we mention cheap?

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Conclusion – ASRock Fatal1ty Z97 Killer

Finally, the ASRock Fatal1ty Z97 Killer sports its dashing red muscle car heatsinks well. The board was a fairly standard performer, handling the tasks casual gamers and desktop users expect including acceptable audio. It maintained stability throughout testing. However, given its $140 MSRP, gamers give up NVIDIA SLI connectivity, but do get AMD CrossfireX support. Additionally, enthusiasts will find the automated overclocking a bit buggy topping out at 4.3GHz versus a slightly higher manual overclock of 4.53GHz. Hopefully this can be rectified with software/BIOS updates.

Speaking of BIOS, the setup is quite basic not to mention easy to figure out, but could use some more descriptions to help the more novice user. While these quirks fit the board given its lowest cost in this round up, a single active USB port during OS installation and loose gray SATA ports does not make any sense, if one is simply trading features for a lower price point. The parts quality should not have to suffer. Users should also consider using low profile RAM especially if using a big high performance CPU cooler, due to the narrow PCB. It would also have been nice to have the BIOS jumpers in an accessible location, not stuck underneath your GPUs.

The ASRock Fatal1ty Z97 Killer’s $140 US price tag is affordable, but can it still be classed as a gaming board for its AMD CrossfireX only capability? And was the shorter PCB (and seemingly cheaper SATA ports to name a few things) worth cheapening to get to the low price tag? As it stands, it scores 7.5 /10.0 in our round up, but is substantially cheaper than anything else in this round. And if left alone to run without any tweaking, and if you’re an AMD GPU fan anyway, it certainly represents a very good value at its price point. So we have to throw it that bone.


  •     Overall stable and reliable (at stock settings)
  •     Good integrated audio
  •     Relatively easy installation and setup
  •     M.2 (mSATA) slot


  •     Supports only AMD CrossfireX
  •     Very large CPU coolers need lower profile RAM
  •     Gray SATA ports wiggle too much
  •     BIOS jumpers and M.2 slot tough to reach under first PCIE slot
  •     Only one single active USB port during OS installation
  •     Limited overclocking capability

Overall Rating: 7.5 / 10.0

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Intel Z97 Motherboard Round Up – GIGABYTE GA-Z97X-UD5H, MSI Z97 Gaming 7, ASUS Z97 Sabertooth MKI, ASRock Fatal1ty Z97 Killer


Great Aesthetic Appeal, Stable Overclocks, SATA Express & M.2 SATA Drive availability.

SATA Port Layout, Lack of PCIe Lanes on 2nd PCIe slot, No SLI compatibility.

If you are looking for a rock solid performing motherboard that has been priced very competitively, ASRock has a “Killer” performance to value ratio with the ASRock Fatal1ty Z97 Killer Series Motherboard.


Finally… if you take into consideration some of the minor quibbles we have with the motherboard’s SATA layout and PCIe lanes available for multiple graphics cards, despite these issues, we feel that ASRock did a great job in releasing a solid performing motherboard that is aggressively priced. .. .. .. Because of this, we would like to honor the ASRock Fatal1ty Z97 Killer Series motherboard the PureOverclock Great Hardware Award for its rock solid performance.

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Conclusion (Translated. Original: Portuguese/Brazillian)

The last card we reviewed the ASRock Z87 Extreme4 was, plate that stood out for good price against the offering. The Falal1ty Z97 Killer also follows this line, a model that supports some of the key technologies of the market, bringing even M.2 Express and SATA connections, news of chipsets Serie 9, without this costs “Face eyes.”

For being a board Fatal1ty series, it seeks to conquer the gaming public; thus it brings some features that this public demand. First of all your visual, using the black and red colors, which tell by the way turned industry standard, see Asus models (RoG line), Gigabyte (line Gamer), MSI (Gaming line) and also from ASRock (line Fatal1ty). It also has network (LAN) chip Killer E2200, which above all promises better management of data traffic, giving priority to those games, not in practice make much difference, but turned the network adopted by all companies seeking to attract players. Even as a highlight, the audio system Purity Sound 2, with several features that benefit better sound quality, if that card based on Realtek ALC 1150 chip used by most motherboards seeking higher quality than traditional models.

When it comes to technology, but is that even bringing two PCI-Express 16x, only the AMD CrossfireX technology is supported by the board. For those who want to also Nvidia SLI with up to three graphics cards in addition to a more refined product, the ASRock Fatal1ty has the Z97X Killer model, about $ 40 more expensive dollars in the US.

The Fatal1ty Z97 Killer is among the best options on the market by the project to support the latest technologies, especially the new chipsets Serie 9, without this need to spend more than $ 200 or R $ 1,000 +. Asus Z97-A board can be a model to deal with this mainboard from ASRock, but it costs about $ 15 more, on the other hand has the Asus application package that is definitely unbeatable, plus support SLI as well.

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Final Thoughts

The ASRock Fatal1ty Z97 Killer came very well packaged within a box that not only looks the part, but lists every little feature of the board and its utilities. Inside the box the mobo was very well protected in an anti-static bag and cable tied to a foam tray and all the contents you would expect. The ASRock Fatal1ty Z97 Killer with its Sapphire black PCB and its big and beautiful metallic red heat sinks, is honestly one of the best looking boards I’ve seen in a long time and with a build quality to match.

The board is as easy as any other ATX motherboard to install (providing you install the system panel pins correctly 😉 ) and having the additional PCIE stand-off is a good thing for those of slightly heavy hand. The UEFI based Internet Flash utility for updating the BIOS is a welcome and surprisingly fast addition, as is the additional BIOS chip (ok, I hold my hands up, I tend to kill BIOS’), better still both BIOS chips are replaceable should you (I) manage to kill both!

Using either the UEFI or F-Stream utility, overclocking our Intel i5-4670K was a very simple task using the EZ OC settings (4.0GHz, 4.2GHz, 4.4GHz, 4.6GHz or 4.8GHz), although when using the higher settings a lot more voltage is pushed through the CPU (1.378v) which leads to more heat. If you have a high end cooling solution, this may be a good trade off, but given the performance benefits is it really worthwhile over a 4.5GHz OC (1.229v)?

Despite its good layout, I personally would have preferred to have right angled SATA ports coming off the board, more lanes on the secondary GPU slot (PCIE4) as I don’t really think 4 lanes is enough to take full advantage of CrossFire and SLI or a de-bug LED would have been nice too.

After a few minor grievances, the ASRock Fatal1ty Z97 Killer has proven rock solid throughout its two week testing period, very easy to use, overclock and the utilities and software is great. It’s a good motherboard. Would I be happy to buy one for approximately £110.00? Maybe, but if I can get the slightly better ASRock Fatal1ty Z97X Killer for just a few pounds more, well… 😉

Design/Quality pcGameware awards the ASRock Fatal1ty Z97 Killer a Silver

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