• Boost Clock / Base Clock
  • 1241 MHz / 1178 MHz
  • 4096 MB GDDR5 / 7010 MHz Memory


Video Output Function

  • Dual-link DVI-I x 1
  • DisplayPort x 3
  • HDMI x 1
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New Features

Armor 2X Thermal Design

  • Delivers more airflow than traditional single fan thermal design.
  • Huge heat sink provides better heat dissipation.

Propeller Blade Technology

  • Produce 20% more airflow than traditional fan design.
  • Produces less noise than traditional fan designs.

Airflow Control technology

  • Deflects more airflow to heatpipes and improves airflow efficiency.
  • Increases the heatsink area to enhance dissipation efficiency.

Military Class 4 Components

  • Certified to MIL-STD-810G standards for top stability and quality.
  • Built with Hi-c CAP, Solid CAP, and New SFC components.

Bundle MSI developed driver and utilities

MSI Live Update Series(Live Graphics Card BIOS & Live Graphics Card Driver)

Automatically online download & update Graphics Card BIOS & Drivers, reduce the risk of getting the wrong files, and never have the trouble on web site searching.

MSI Graphics Card Driver

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Microsoft® DirectX

Norton Internet Security™ 60 days Trial

  • Blocks online identity theft by phishing Web sites
  • Detects and eliminates spyware
  • Removes viruses and Internet worms automatically
  • Protects against hackers



GTX 960 4GD5T OC - Specifications