Roccat Kone Military Mouse


ROCCAT® Kone Pure Military – Core Performance Gaming Mouse

Ready to charge into battle and own the opposition? ROCCAT has you covered with a tool perfect for your march to domination. Available in unique Camo Charge, Naval Storm and Desert Strike variants, the Kone Pure Military matches killer style, with flawless command and control, featuring an industry-leading Pro-Optic (R4) 5000dpi optical sensor.

“Pure thought – clear, precise, free from distraction – shall precede all action and direct it to glorious ends.”
Dr. Erik J. Dale, ROCCAT Scientist

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Roccat Kone Military Mouse - Pure Battle


The Kone Pure Military’s Pro-Optic (R4) 5000dpi optical sensor is the most high-powered optical sensor available; state of the art and with lag-free, ultra-precise dpi adjustable between 100–5000, it also features an Adjustable Distance Control Unit (ADCU) for manually configurable lift control.


ROCCAT’s breakthrough Easy-Shift[+]™ technology means each button has more winning-edge value with a secondary programmable function, for a wide array of battle possibilities. Intuitive and easy to program, with options for simple commands or complex macros, Easy-Shift[+]™ expands your arsenal, letting you react both rapidly and efficiently in the heat of the battle.

Roccat Kone Military Mouse - Customisable Illumination


Customize the look of your Kone Pure Military to fit your style. With configurable LED lighting displaying a brilliant 16.8 million discrete colors, plus a variety of active effects, you can turn the Kone Pure Military into your signature gaming weapon.

Roccat Kone Military Mouse - Sleek Ergonomics


Our ROCCAT® engineers built the Kone Pure Military for gamers who want the same killer Kone XTD design in a sleeker, more compact package, without sacrificing any of the legendary Kone XTD performance. The Kone Pure Military delivers all the muscle and features you’d expect from the Kone XTD, expertly packed into a new, slimmer profile that’s 91% the size of its big brother.


ROCCAT™ Driver + R.A.D.

The Kone Pure Military features ROCCAT™’s comprehensive driver suite that provides total control over your mouse. Easily create an army of time-saving macros, adjust your illumination, set your DPI, and build up to five profiles that auto-launch with your favorite games – and lots more. The ROCCAT™ driver also features R.A.D. (ROCCAT™ Achievements Display) for a host of useful stats on how you use your Kone Pure Military, such as distance covered, buttons clicked and much more.


      • Pro-Optic Sensor R4 with up to 5000dpi
      • 1000Hz polling rate
      • 1ms response time
      • 130 ips maximum speed
      • 30G acceleration
      • 16-bit data channel
      • Adjustable lift-off distance
      • Adjustable angle snapping
      • 72MHz Turbo Core V2 32-bit Arm based MCU
      • 576kB onboard memory
      • 1.8m braided USB cable

Dimensions / Weight

  • Width 7.0cm, Height 3.5cm, Length 11.5cm, Weight 93g

System requirements

  • Windows® 10 64 Bit, Windows® 10 32 Bit, Windows® 8.1 32 Bit, Windows® 8.1 64 Bit, Windows® 8 32 Bit, Windows® 8 64 Bit, Windows® 7 64 Bit, Windows® 7 32 Bit, Windows® Vista 64 Bit, Windows® Vista 32 Bit, Windows® XP 64 Bit, Windows® XP
  • 32 Bit
  • USB 2.0 Port
  • Internet connection for driver installation