PenPower Max Writing Pad (Windows)


The 5-inch Writing Pad

  • Provide smooth and comfortable writing experience with the 5-inch large-sized panel design.
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Product Overview

Symbol Toolbar & Hotkey Function

  • The symbol toolbar and hotkey function improve the efficiency of data entry process.

High Recognition Accuracy

  • Recognize Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Hong Kong characters (HKSCS2008), English letters, symbols, numbers, Japanese Katakana and Hiragana. Support cursive writing and artificial intelligence recognition.

Hardware Specifications

  • Dimensions(L x W x H): 136 x 125 x 16.7 mm
  • Writing Area: 113 x 64 mm
  • Weight: 85g

System Requirements


  • Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Vista / XP
  • USB port

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